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Tiles are a distinct feature that adds beauty and functionality to any room in the home or office. From enjoying the durable benefits of tile to creating a work of art on floors and walls, Team Bixzone has it all. The materials we select for your project are as important to us as their aesthetics. We select durable porcelain, stunning ceramic, timeless marble, and more to ensure the installation meets all of your design goals. Not only do we give you options to choose from classic and neutral to bright colors, but we also offer a variety of styles using unique shapes that create defined, geometric interest and hexagons, and penny rounds. , metros take your tile design to a whole new level. and large format tiles. Contact us

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tile Services offers bathroom tile installation, repair and maintenance. They can help create a stylish and functional bathroom space with a variety of tile options, including ceramic, porcelain, stone and mosaic.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen tiling services include the installation, repair and maintenance of tiled floors in kitchens. These services can include a range of tiling options, such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, etc.

Patios & Walkway Tiles

Patios and Walkway Tile Services offers tile installation and maintenance for outdoor spaces such as patios and walkways. These services can enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of outdoor spaces while providing a functional and stylish surface for homeowners to enjoy.

Marble & Granite Installation

Marble and granite installation services involve the professional installation of these natural stone materials in homes or businesses. This can include fabrication, cutting, and polishing to create countertops, floors, and more.

Balcony & Wall Tiles

Balcony and wall tile services include installation and maintenance of tiles on exterior surfaces of buildings. These services include selecting and sourcing suitable tiles, preparing surfaces for installation, cutting and laying tiles, grouting and sealing, and repairing damaged tiles. Professional tiling services ensure a durable, attractive and safe surface for your property.

Porcelain Tiles Fixing

Porcelain tile fixing services include installation of porcelain tiles on floors, walls and other surfaces. Services include surface preparation, tile setting, tile cutting and shaping, grouting, sealing and cleaning. Services can be provided by professional tile installers or specialist contractors.

Ceramic Tiles Fixing

Ceramic tile installation services include installation, repair and maintenance of ceramic tiles in residential and commercial properties. It includes surface preparation, cutting and laying of tiles, grouting and finishing work. Qualified professionals ensure that the tiles are level, straight and evenly spaced for a long-lasting and aesthetic result.

Sandstones Installation

Sandstone can be installed by first preparing the surface by removing any debris, grass or weeds. Then, a layer of crushed rock or sand is laid and compacted. Sandstone is laid in a pattern with a slight slope for drainage. The stones are then tapped into place with a rubber mallet and filled with more sand or mortar.

Bixzone Flooring Company in Dubai

At this time, thousands of people prefer to install flooring on their property in Dubai. This has many benefits for you and your property. We can recommend you the best flooring specialist in Dubai.

Why should you opt for Bixzone flooring when other options are available? If you have the same question in mind, read the following benefits associated with Bixzone flooring.

Extremely affordable
100% waterproof
Very resistant to scratches and stains
Style options: wood, stone and marble

Direct contractor rates
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