Facts You Need To Know!

Crypto currency is not just the future of money but the future of humanity! It has been factually proven that the only asset that is greater than real crypto currency is HUMAN LIFE. Not even gold nor diamond can compete with real crypto currency in terms of  VALUE

In March 2010, the price of 1 Bitcoin was less than 1 naira, I mean 1 (one)  naira( about $0.003) but guess the current price of 1 Bitcoin? The current price is over 3.5 Million naira, climbing to 4 million naira currently

If you have not started taking  advantage of crypto currency, then this is the right moment for you to wake up from sleep. Bitcoin is the number 1 crypto currency on Earth while Ethereum is the second in position.

Ethereum is currently around $200 and in the next few years, it will worth thousands of dollars ($)

If you missed Bitcoin when the price was low, will you allow Ethereum opportunity to pass you by? I’m sure your answer is NO!

Buying 100 Ethereum currently will cost you more than N10,000,000 (10 million naira), do you have such huge amount of money? I know your answer is NO!

But do you know some Nigerians have earned over 100 Ethereum from a smart  Ethereum generation program launched on 8th February this year by a group of Russians? Some have earned more than that with the aid of a very simple information I want to share with you on this post

Introducing A Smart Ethereum Contract Called FORSAGE

Just like Bitcoin, smart contracts are totally decentralized and are managed by a huge network of multiple members computers. As such, there is no central authority governing the operation of this program, therefore, it can never CRASH!

Forsage is an Ethereum earning opportunity launched on 8th February to give thousands of crypto lovers the opportunity to acquire numerous Ethereum coins with low risk and less stress.

With this unique project, you will be growing your money (as little as $10) to  over $500,000 within the space of few months if you are 100% ready for the GAME of smartness. No need to bore you with plenty vocabularies, let me go straight to the point


You make money on forsage through 3 main ways👇
1. Spillovers
2. Overflows
3. Referrals

And the higher you grow the more your profit increases because there are  different levels in the project

Let me explain the various way to earn for easy understanding


Spillover works in such a way you earn from people around you on  the system irrespective of their location, it could be Lagos, London, Span, India, USA, Russia, Asia or anywhere within  planet Earth. The platform gives you the privilege to get massive spillovers from up-lines and people linked to you on the system.

Spillover can fall on you from anywhere, so the amount of Ethereum you earn based on spillovers varies. It is not fixed

And this is how spillover happens 👇👇

It happens when thousands of people who join forsage after you fall indirectly under you from above. It happens everyday when you join a very hot TEAM like THE DOMINATORS

In THE DOMINATORS TEAM, dollars and spillovers fall on you like manna from heaven in an unlimited manner. Just imagine acquiring thousands of %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp; without referring anybody. This is why  FORSAGE via THE DOMINATORS is the best thing that can happen to you this YEAR. You can receive many spillovers  daily via THE DOMINATORS, I call it blood money🤑🤑🤩

The forsage user below has earned over $5000 without referring anybody. That is the beauty of spillover

Forsage Ethereum
Over $5000 with 0 referrals

Forsage spillover has just one DISADVANTAGE, here is it👇

When you have earn much more than enough and your earning is enough to open/buy another level but you fail to buy it because you are greedy or ignorant. You lose the profit for that level and it will fall on those under you or anyone at all.


Overflow: This happens when your upline earn to the extent his basket get filled, all other earnings will start falling on you whether you refer or not. While spillover gives you indirect referrals and dollars, overflow gives you only $. Overflow gives you basket of dollars and that is why you need to join our hot TEAM in order to fall under a very hot upline.
Trust me you can make money from forsage without referring, through overflows and spillovers.


3. Referring: On forsage, you can refer in order to triple your earnings. You already know what REFERRING is. Oya, let me shock YOU! This last one is what you can never see anywhere, it is why we are truly called THE DOMINATORS

In our team, there is something called REFERRAL GIFTING, if you join, your link can be given to new comers in order for you earn more and quicken your chances of getting much Ethereum. This gifting is not an entitlement, you get gifted when the admins notice that you are really serious with FORSAGE business. It is a reward for active dominators

Let’s get down to business👇

The entry fee is 0.05 Ethereum but you need to buy more coins because of network fee

If you don’t have Ethereum wallet, click on the link below to download ethereum Trust Wallet

The wallet is just like your bank account where you keep your coins.

After downloading the wallet, you need to buy Ethereum in order to join us on forsage. You will need a total of 0.065 Ethereum for everything including transaction charges

It is equivalent to about N7,000


For further instructions on how to register through THE DOMINATORS, kindly contact any of the persons below on WhatsApp 👇


You can contact any of the WhatsApp lines above to add you to our WhatsApp group

NOTE: Due to high volume of transactions on the blockchain network, it might take some minutes to receive your Ethereum coins after payment. Do not panic after making payment, you will duly be attended to as soon as possible

Being in the midst of THE DOMINATORS is the best decision you could make this year; we look forward to having you in our jet. Let’s fly together!