About Us

BixzoneBlogis a financial enlightenment organisation that advocates for financial independence among Africans and technology utilization for business growth.

Bixzone.com simplifies and dissects personal finance and digital economy by producing substantive and clear advice, practical steps to help readers grow their finances and better manage their money for growth.

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Bixzone Blog is a leading financial information and content creation company based in Nigeria. Our financial content services are published via our websites www.bixzone.com,  Social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, Webinars, etc.

We provide our visitors with up-to-date financial, investing, and business news, research-based content, financial literacy, and personal finance resources.


Our Mission Statement

Creating Wealth for Investors Through Information.

Our Vision Statement

To Be The Most Reliable Source For Economic, Financial and Investing Content Online.


Our Content Offering

Business News – We monitor, analyze and report on financial information and news, as well as, provide insights into the associated implications for businesses and individuals. Our team of analysts dissect the news and provide our readers with in-depth analytics of how daily financial information may impact their financial status. In this interconnected world, full of cause and effect, information has become the most sought-after commodity in the world and it is those who get it first and harness it better that will always come on top.

Markets – Our team of analysts supports an ever-growing community of retail investors who seek basic and straight-to-the-point investing analysis and tips that can help them achieve their investment goals. On Bixzone Blog , our commitment includes providing decision-makers with just about any analysis they require to make better investment and business decisions.

Blurb – Blurb is a niche Bixzone Blog  content service aimed at investors, analysts, policymakers, and researchers interested in succinctly written viewpoints that highlight risks, opportunities, and rewards existing in the Nigerian economy. Blurb is in line with our mission of creating wealth through information. Blurb articles are edited by Bixzone Blog Editorial Board.

Financial Literacy & Personal Finance – As investors ourselves, we understand that the most difficult aspect of money is growing it after it is earned. Through real-life experiences, we provide our readers with street-smart opinions and guides on how to manage money. For this service, we also facilitate crowdsourcing of personal finance experiences to ensure our readers are able to tap into as much diverse an opinion pool as possible.

Newsletters – We also offer a streamlined Newsletter service for our visitors where we provide succinctly written news and analysis from the stock market, cryptocurrencies, financial results, business intelligence, and other market-based research information. Our newsletter service is freemium-based.

Data Analytics –  Through our sister website, we also provide our visitors with macro-economic and financial research content such as stock market data, company results and analysis, macro-economic data, published reports, and other forms of data required by decision-makers.

Social Media – You can also connect with us via our social media handle. Follow Bixzone Blog on Twitter @bixzoneblog or visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bixzoneblog

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