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Brand New 100% Decentralized Matrix System On Binance Smart Chain Just Launched! FORSAGE BUSD

Discover How This 100% Decentralized Matrix System Helped Over 1,000,000 People Generate Over $2 Billion And How You Can Earn Crypto Dollars Daily With Brand New Binance Smart Chain.

What is BUSD token and its advantages?

BUSD is a cryptocurrency with a stable exchange rate equal to 1 USD, with the fully audited code and approved by New York State Department of Financial Services.5 Advantages of FORSAGE on BUSD:1. Fixed value. All your results in FORSAGE networking are no longer dependent on the price movements and market corrections;2. Same crypto opportunities. BUSD token can be swapped instantly to any cryptocurrency via DEX swaps at almost zero cost;3. Simplicity of calculations. Registration costs, upgrades and reopens are denominated in USD;4. Accurate planning. Precise expense tracking and results estimation without additional rate conversions;5. Consumer Protection. BUSD is 1:1 fully USD-backed currency, easy to convert value of exchange between USD and BUSD and was launched in partnership with Paxos and Binance.


What does “decentralized” mean? What are the advantages and what are the benefits?Decentralized marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, one of the TOP crypto currencies. Smart contracts, like cryptocurrencies, are decentralized. They work strictly according to the underlying program, without the possibility of subsequently changing the defined execution. The code that contains all the logic of the contract execution is on the blockchain and all calculations are provided by millions of computers around the world. This ensures that there is no risk of hacking into the smart contract and stopping the it.* The blockchain is an immutable record of transactions and information, which is cryptographically protected from any subsequent manipulation using thousands of independent computers worldwide


FORSAGE MATRIX MARKETING is a fair, economically sound system, without deadlines for slots, with a limited number of places and an unlimited number of recycles.In the FORSAGE x3 PROGRAM below you is three places in one line. In the FORSAGE x4 PROGRAM below you are two lines – 2 places in the first line and 4 places in the second. When you register in FORSAGE, you open both programs simultaneously.


To get registered in FORSAGE a new member activates the first slots in x3 & x4 programs, which cost 5 BUSD each. It makes it 10 BUSD in total to register. The first slots of x3 & x4 are always activated together, they cannot be purchased separately. Next slots (Upgrades) can be activated separately but only one after another.After the launch of x3 & x4 programs on BSC, 2 more programs will be added consequently one at a time (launch schedule to be announced): xXx and xGold. xXx program first slot costs 8 BUSD and can be activated only after at least the first slots in x3 and x4 were activated before. xGold first slot is 10 BUSD and can only be activated after at least 1 slot in xXx was purchased.


All partners in your slots of the FORSAGE x3 PROGRAM are your personally referred partners. When you invite partners, they take places under you. The distribution of payments when filling out the matrix automatically occurs as follows:The first referral partner takes a place under you. 100% payout goes to your personal walletThe second referral partner takes second place below you. Payment is also instantly credited to your personal wallet.The third partner takes third place below you. You again receive 100% income, but in the form of RECYCLE.RECYCLE opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it. Reopening the slot, you take next free place in your superior partners’ slot. Accordingly, 100% for recycle is transferred to your superior.


In parallel, the FORSAGE x4 PROGRAM also works for you, here an overflow system is organized from above and from below. We are building a team together. There may be at least all of you invited, at least not one invited by you, or mixed.Partners who take two places below you in the first line are two places in the second line of the higher. A 100% payment goes to the wallet of your higher partner.You also receive income from the second line, 100% from four people. Of these, 3 payments go instantly to your wallet.The last payout is the closing slot, and it also makes a recycle, buying you the same slot again, and the payment of 100% is transferred to your higher partner.


Payments of 2 people in the 1st line go to your upline (the same as in x4).On the 2nd line, you get 30% from each of 4 places, and 70% goes to your uplineAnd on the 3rd line, you get 70% from 8 places while 30% goes higher in the structureThus, the total yield is 580% from one cycle of the slot, 100% of which is used for automatic recycleSo, two last payments from each line: one from the 2nd line (30%) and one from the 3rd line (70%), are summed up and used to recycle the slot.


Payments of 2 people in the 1st line go to your upline (the same as in x4)On the 2nd line, you get 20% from each of the 4 places. The rest 80% is split into 30% and 50% and sent to your uplinesOn the 3rd line, you get 30% from each of 8 places while the rest 70% is split into 20% and 50% and go to uplinesAnd on the 4th line, you get 50% from 16 places. While the rest 50% is also divided into 20% and 30% to go to your uplinesThus, the total yield is 1120% from one circle of the matrix, 100% of which is used for automatic recycle of the slotSo, last 2 payments from 4 line, 50+50%, are used for recycle.


Small Starting Capital – You Can Get Started With As Little As 20 Dollars

100% Of The Income Goes To The Members Of The Project!

The Project Creators Don’t Take Or Keep Any People’s Cryptos!

48 Income Generating Slots!

The Project Is 100% Decentralized Written On Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract

No Admins Needed To Run The Project And Pay People Out

Instant Payouts Directly To Your BSC Wallet You Control The Private Key

No Need To Wait For A Withdrawal

Unlimited Income Potential

Transparency – All Transactions Are Verifiable On BSC Blockchain!

Simple Project And Lucrative

No Need To Worry About Hackers Or Project Scamming

You Can Earn Extra Even Without Referring Anyone By Spillover


– They contribute Immensely to your growth on FORSAGE

– They coach team members regarding the best marketing skills

– They ensure no Team Blaze members lags behind

– They teach team members how to properly arrange their structure for faster growth this is done via Team Blaze Supervisors

– They assign supervisor to monitor the growth of all team members and report back to the team

– All team members have a customized landing page for promotion

– They assists users who own a group to traffic and serious business minded people to their various group

– They have coordinators who will help you manage your group if you decide to own one & equally assists you with the prsentation


Their official website is forsagebusdteam.com 


Email Us At



By Ogunbamike Praise

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