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We are getting too many questions about how to use the app to earn money. We also get questions about how to implement online business ideas. Since we get a lot of questions and most of the questions are similar we decided to set a Telegram Channel. We will publish new methods, elaborations of methods in this channel. You can sign up to our Telegram Channel by clicking this link.



Earning is very simple please read the instructions below. All you need to do is make 4 simple clicks on the app… You will end up earnings from 100s dollars to 1000s of dollars! 
Instructions to Earn Money:
In the newest update you will be able to generate product links and share them in social media and in the internet. You can send links to your whatsapp groups, telegram groups, twitter posts, pinterest, facebook, instagram and so on. You can also share these links in the forums.

Once someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you will be paid 80% of the purchase amount. We as app developer will get 20%.

Payments will be send through paypal, bank transfer or bitcoin. Once you earn enough money ($50) we will ask your payment details.

Payments will be sent as soon as the purchase is approved. Approval may take up to 45 days.

What do you need to do to earn?
It is very simple.
1. Just click the menu button. (on the top left)
2. Click “Earn Money”
3. Read the products and click “Generate My Link” of the specific product. When you do this you can share link of that product. You can share links in social media (twitter, facebook, whatsapp, telegram, instagram, etc)
4. Wait for earning. Your earning does not have any limit, the more you share, the more you earn.

When you generate a link, that link is unique to you. When you share it, if someone makes a purchase through that link only you earn from the purchases. Everything is secured by our encryption technology. You don’t have to sign up to anywhere, you don’t have to pay, just share the links.


March 10th 2021 Update: I hope everybody is doing OK with f*cking corona virus. Please don’t go out if you don’t have to, stay away from crowded areas, stay away from elder people (as you can infect them). Make sure you wear gloves and mask and change and wash your clothes whenever you get home.

As you might know with the last update (March 15th) we added new feature that enables you to share shortlinks of various products and in turn earn commissions. You can sign up to these products and promote them by yourself. So why should you work with us?

First, if you sign up to these programs by your self, you have to apply every each of them one by one. It will take lots of your time and some will not accept your application. But we accept all your applications. We won’t ask you anything.

Second, each program have different payout limits, some has minimum $50 some has minimum $200. So you may sign up to 10 different programs by your self and earn $30 in each program but still get NO payment! In fact you earn $300 in total but didn’t get any payment because all of them are below the minimum payment limit. For some products it may take 2 years to reach minimum payment level. In this case you give up and stop promoting the product, although you had made many sales you get nothing! All your hard works goes to the product owner for free. When you work with us, all your sale revenues are collected under in you ID number. So you get more frequent payments and all your hard work pays you in shortest time.

So it make sense to work with us!

How can you make more sales and earn more?
You can sign up to various facebook groups. Some facebook groups have millions of members. Sign up to those groups. Lets say you sign up to a dieting facebook group (KETO Diet). This group has 1.9 Millions members! It is huge. Once you sign up, start sending messages, or liking and sharing other posts. Just behave as a regular member. After couple of days share a short link of a product (using this App) which might be related with this facebook group. For instance, Custom Keto Diet product (number 5 in this page) might be related to that facebook group. Your link might be clicked by 11% of the members of the group. That makes 200,000 people. From the ones who clicked your link, let’s say only 2% made a purchase. That makes 4,000 purchases! You earn $31 per purchase. So we will pay you $124,000 in total!

Now think about what happens when you share many links in many facebook groups! You will earn alot!

1. Make sure your short link works before sharing it in facebook groups.
2. Make sure product page opens correctly. Note some products are only for USA. A USA product page won’t open from India IP address.
3. Don’t spam people, just send 1 or 2 links per day. Only share products that you believe people will have benefit from.
4. You can share links in Facebook groups/pages, your facebook wall, twitter, instagram, whatsapp groups, telegram groups, internet forums, email lists etc. All your clicks and sales are tracked and you will be paid if you make a sale.


Earning Report:

Update Date: March 20, 2020

# ID Earnings ($)
2 02374859 15
1 09178391 701
3 27479211 21
4 28977910 1294
5 94709301 47
6 97639012 126


Update Date: March 22, 2020
_# _ID _Earnings ($)
2 02374859 19
1 09178391 816
7 15036839 0
8 20005228 0
9 21153093 0
3 27479211 21
4 28977910 1294
10 32720070 0
11 32774724 0
12 33207751 0
13 35400782 0
14 44525984 0
15 45129862 0
16 46269006 0
17 73704259 0
18 78896265 0
19 82181982 0
20 83329006 0
21 89497712 0
22 90546475 0
5 94709301 47
6 97639012 126
Update Date: May 26, 2020, $0 earnings are hidden ( due to too many $0 earners)
_# _ID _Total Earnings ($) _Total Paid ($) _Total UnPaid ($)
1 02374859 $1890 $1850 $40
2 02478011 $463 $450 $13
3 04134209 $789 $750 $39
4 09178391 $974 $950 $24
5 27479211 $78 $50 $28
6 28348327 $76 $50 $26
7 28977910 $4382 $4350 $32
8 39788129 $4231 $4200 $31
9 61219271 $2389 $2350 $39
10 69283820 $9076 $9050 $26
11 78653512 $1208 $1200 $8
12 83279837 $88 $50 $38
13 89163713 $6512 $6500 $12
14 93287271 $11 $ $11
15 94709301 $17009 $17000 $9
16 97639012 $487 $450 $37
Important Notice: Some App users are having problem to share the shortlinks with this app. We are still trying to find out the source of problem. Please use this method below until we fix that issue.

Temporary solution:
If you are able to generate a link starting with   tinyurl com/YourUniqueIdentifier    but you can’t share that link or the app crashes when you try to share that link, just do this:

write that link on a paper from your phone, open your facebook/twitter/instagram and share that link in your social media accounts. If you are able generate that link it is good news, that link is unique to you. Only you will earn money from that link. So sharing it from the app or writing it by your self has same end effect, you will earn money. 

Please ask us if you have any questions:   [email protected]

Statistics are updated once per week, If you don’t see your ID here please don’t panic, everything is tracked and saved, check again in a week.
Payment are sent via Paypal,   Payoneer,   Bitcoin,    Ethereum    or Bank Transfer.

What does world wants from you? It wants you to be an obedient slave! It wants you to wake up early each morning, commute to work in a crowded bus or subway. Smell others’ sweat! Work for minimum wage and make the boss and the owner of the business rich. Each time you work harder and harder you only help to make privileged people more and more rich! This is and endless looser game. Do something now! Do something for yourself now! Start small but never quit! In this app we provide you hundreds of methods to earn side income or start your own business. Please stop being a SLAVE!

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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