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Important Note: Pi Network app is most downloaded apps list both in Google Play and iPhone AppStore. It is listed right after Twitter app! It is getting know widely. It is growing very fast. Don’t miss chance to earn free crypto coins. They will stop accepting new members after 100 million members. If it keeps being popular like this for a week total number of members will pass 100 million in a week! Please use your real name and surname when you sign up. If not you can’t withdraw your money. Use this invite code to mine faster: e1a3n

click here to download app.


As you already know crypto currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have already created some ultra rich people in the last 5 years. Right now bitcoin is trading around 10600$ (13750$ as of October 28, 2020, it is 34,000$ now!). If you didn’t buy bitcoin 10 years ago it might be too late. You should have bought it at 0.1$ not at the current price.



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There is a new opportunity to get rich from crypto coins. It is called Pi Coin (or Pi Network). It is very different from the existing coins. It depends on real human network not computers or some graphic card hardware. Only real humans can earn Pi Coins. So everyone has equal chance of earning with this crypto coin, it doesn’t matter either you are from USA, India, Germany or Nigeria. Features of Pi Coin:

  • Can be mined in a phone or tablet
  • Does not drain your battery
  • Does not consume your internet package
  • Does not eat up your phone’s processing power
  • Does not sell your info
  • You can’t buy it, you have to earn it
  • Mines more per hour if you join in a large network
  • Gets more secure as your security circle (network of people) gets larger
  • Developed by Stanford University Professors

Pi Coin is at 0.40$ level currently. When you join and mine for 3 consecutive days, Pi Network gives you chance to invite other people (your family members, friends or anyone). If you invite 200 people you will earn about 6000$ every month (Each person you invite makes you extra $30 per month or $1 per day per person). And there is no upper limit, if you have 10 thousand people in your network you will earn about 10 thousand $ per day!!! Not in a month, in a day!

You have to use an invitation code to sign up. You can’t not use it without an invitation, and you have to join an existing network of people. If you join in our network you can earn at higher rate and we share tactics to invite more people fast in our chat group. This chat group will be enabled in Pi Network app automatically once you use our code ( e1a3n ) during installation of the app. Pi Network has both iOS and Android app. Just click here to download and sign up.

We highly encourage you to use this mine Pi Network.

use : e1a3n (e one a three n) as invite code

Pleas use your real name when you sign up, you will have to verify your information when you withdraw money.

click here to start earning Pi Coins


Pi Networks just passed 8 millions users, Right now you can mine at least 6 Pi per day using your phone. And each member you invite will make you extra 2.4 Pi coin per day. After passing 10 millions users, mining rate will be halved. Don’t miss this chance to sign up early. Currently Pi is expected to trade $5 to $17. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to mine faster. (If you join using our code we will send you tactics to invite hundreds of people fast via app chat interface in Pi App).

PS: TrustPilot rate of Pi Network is 4.7 over 5 points! Which means it is a reliable project.

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use : e1a3n as invite code

click here to start earning Pi Coins

Once you join to pi network, invite your friends. After 5 people joins you will earn $1 to $9 (depends on current value of pi coin) per day as long as they keep mining.

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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