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The world’s simplest crypto exchange (CoinsBid) has been launched in Nigeria. You can complete all your crypto transactions within a minute at the best rates with many options available. To sign up visit Use the ref code while registering   QIQ10QXKE4

About CoinsBid

Coinsbid is a user-friendly crypto Market place designed to reflect the true meaning of freedom in trading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, TBT, et cetera) via Peer-to-Peer(P2P) arrangement.

They have an automated system for buying & selling all Cryptos highlighted on the market section of there site.

Having the interest of community members as a priority, The  escrow service will insulate buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies from scammers and other unfamiliar risk tendencies, with relatively insignificant escrow fee.

They pride as a team of selfless and experienced individuals in the crypto space with fast rising influence across nations of the world.


Coinsbid Fees

Below is the breakdown of the fees of CoinsBid 👇👇

NGN Deposit Fee: NGN200

Crypto Deposit Fee: NGN0.0

NGN Withdrawal Fee: N150

P2P NGN Transfer Fee: N0.00

P2P Crypto Transfer: N0.00

Selling Crypto Fee: N0.00

Buying Crypto Fee: N0.00

Crypto Withdrawal: Unavailable


Escrow Service

They escrow service is 100% safe because we ensure constant availability of CoinsBid escrow agents during all P2P trades.

When you open a trade; a chat room is automatically created with the presence of an admin, buyer and the seller. The seller and buyer reach an agreement while the escrow agent (admin) acknowledge payment from buyer & instruct seller to release coin/item.

The seller is instantly credited upon the confirmation of receipt of an item/coin by the buyer. The deal is done & everyone is happy. No regret. No lose. No stress whatsoever!

Below are our escrow fees👇👇

Transaction between 5,000-25,000 is NGN250

Transaction between 26,000-70,000 is NGN400

Transaction between 71,000-100,000 is NGN550

Transaction worth NGN101,000 & above attracts 0.5% escrow fee

For instance, 0.5% of 200,000 is calculated by👇

0.5÷100×200,000= 1000

To convert % to NGN

Divide the percentage by 100 then multiply by total amount in naira, the answer is the escrow fee. The escrow agents are always available to assist you with the calculation.



By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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