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Creating YouTube videos is one of the most effective ways to make money online. YouTube is the largest video-sharing network in the world. It is also the second most visited site globally, behind Google. In just one minute, over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube. Top content creators on YouTube can make up to 15 million dollars annually through YouTube alone. So, how do you make more money from your YouTube videos? Here are a few ways to do so:


1. Joining The YouTube Partner Program


Though you can make money through Google AdSense without being a YouTube partner, becoming a partner is a lot easier. Becoming a partner gives you access to different opportunities for monetization. It, however, depends on the your number of views, watch hours and subscribers you have. Those opportunities include channel membership, payment from viewers using YouTube premium, and your own merchandise shelf. Asides that, becoming a partner gives you additional exposure and allows you to reach a wider audience. You also gain access to analytical tools, and customization features. To become a YouTube partner, you must have up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. You’ll also need an active Google AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel.


2. From YouTube Premium Subscribers


Subscribers to YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) pay a subscription fee of $9.99 dollars to watch videos on YouTube without any ads. A YouTube partner gets paid a percentage of the subscription fee of premium subscribers. To enjoy this benefit more, you can encourage your subscribers to use YouTube Premium.


3. Creating Your Own Merchandise And Selling It


When you have up to 10,000 subscribers as a YouTube partner, you get the privilege of having your own merchandise shelf. You can activate it, and use it to sell merchandise to your viewers. Firstly, you need to come up with a compelling and creative merch idea. It doesn’t have to be something related to your videos, though it’ll be unique and feel special to your viewers if it is. Then you partner with manufacturers who create it for you. You’ll also need to create a website you can link your viewers to that will manage all the purchases. When your merch is ready, promote it. Use it in your videos and advertise it on your various social media pages.


4. Making The Best Use Of YouTube SEO


One sure way to make more money as a YouTuber is to get more people to watch your videos. You can achieve this by maximizing your use of YouTube search-engine optimization feature. Inserting relevant keywords into your video title, description and tags will help make your videos more accessible to your audience. This will rank your videos higher and increase your number of subscribers. Your videos will also rank high in search results if you encourage your viewers to like and comment on your videos. High subscriber count, likes to dislikes ratio and comments will push your video to the top of search results. This will attract more views and consequently, more money for you.


5. Paid Sponsorships


Paid sponsorships are usually YouTubers’ favorite source of income from YouTube. This is because YouTube does not get a percentage of the earnings. You negotiate with the brand personally, and strike a satisfactory deal. Then you advertise the brand in one or more of your videos, and leave an affiliate link (usually in the video description) for viewers to go to buy the product. When your link is used, you get a fixed commission. Admittedly, it is not an easy task to find brands to sponsor your videos. Brands usually go for YouTubers with larger audiences, typically YouTubers with at least close to a hundred thousand subscribers. However, it is an achievable goal.


6. Marketing Your Blog Or Website Through YouTube


You can use your YouTube channel to generate traffic to your website, blog or business. You could strategically create some videos centered around the theme of your website or business. In the video description of those videos, you could add links to your website or blog thereby adding traffic to your site. The added traffic can significantly increase the AdSense revenue you earn from your blog or website. It can also attract potential customers to your business.


7. Getting External Donations To Support Your Channel


Many YouTubers earn extra money by soliciting for donations from their viewers to support the channel. The most common website used to receive those donations is Patreon. The fans who donate through Patreon (called patrons) are often given extra benefits. These benefits include exclusive live streams and extra video clips.


8. Earning Through Your Fans’ Payments


When you have more than 30, 000 subscribers, and you are a YouTube partner, you become qualified to activate the channel membership option. This means that, for a small fee, viewers can become a member of your channel. You will be paid a percentage of the fee. You also gain access to a feature called SuperChat, if it’s available in your country. SuperChat is a feature YouTube offers to its partners for a fee. It allows the viewers keep their comments pinned at the top and highlighted when a live stream is going on. These are the different ways you can earn a little more from the love, support and generosity of your fans.

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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