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TBT Latest Updates (25th February 2021)


First of all, we wish to appreciate all our community members for the unwavering support & the undiluted trust. We wouldn’t have been tenacious without the support of all Blazers. Below are some of the latest updates you should be aware of 👇👇


1. Airdrop Version 1.0 distribution will happen in March (next month) and the exact date will be pinned on our telegram channel and other social media platforms to keep everyone updated. To avoid regrets, DO NOT dump your airdrop reward below the price of $50. That is the best way to support the project!


2. The launch of our mobile app was delayed as a result of some bugs/errors discovered on the exchange aspect of our app after an overall code audit. The self serviceable exchange on the app is one of the major features & the app can’t be launched without the bugs being fixed and all code errors corrected. This wouldn’t take much time but we have built something that will sustain us while we anticipate for our mobile app.


3. The alternative to BVN issue on CoinsBit is Launching next week. It is a peer to peer crypto exchange with escrow feature and option to buy/sell major coins including TBT. We are also pleased to inform us that TBT will be our native currency on the P2P exchange that will be launched next week; this is intended to boost the use cases of TBT.


4. TBT will be listed on a farmiliar exchange, hopefully before next week to provide a constant trading opportunity for 99% of our community members who have not been able to use CoinsBit due its complex nature. Apart from being able to trade TBT on the new exchange, you can create offers on our P2P crypto platform to buy & sell TBT Swiftly. There will be numerous options available!


5. Our basic services are all launching within 2021 and we strongly believe that TBT won’t be trading below $10 after the launch of our major services. Selling TBT below $10 after HODLing for months is extremely bad and illogical. HODL TBT and be optimistic to sell at $50 (least) It is very possible.


6. The project is just getting started and we have a lot of interesting updates that will make everyone wanna keep and HODL TBT till it gets beyond the moon 🌕. Cancel your sell order and buy more and more in anticipation for an appreciation. We are set to visit the moon 🌕, be positive and support us. Together, we can achieve anything ✊🥳💝💖

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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