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Well, friends, in this post we’ll sign up from scrap with BINANCE stock and register for an account on the CRYPTORG website. Why are we starting from scrap? To show you all the processes, which you ought to do by yourself. My accounts have already been tuned, the authentication is tuned and so have other things too, but you should do it from scrap. That’s why I decided to make a video about registering via that and another service. Also, we’ll talk about how to connect your first bot with a balance on CRYPTORG.

How to open an account on Binance

How register on Binance-1

So, let’s start with BINANCE, look for the link below. Click on it, and go to this page on this site, it is in English. If it is not in English, you can choose your language here. What’s next? Press “Create an account”. Next, we have to enter our e-mail. I’ll enter my new one. Then type in your password, confirm it, and check the box “I read it”. There will be a referral ID, you must not to change it. Then finish off by clicking “Sign up”.

Next, here we’re faced with a captcha, which we have to pass. Just move the slider to complete a puzzle. Drag and drop. That’s it. What is next? You can save your password. Check your e-mail box for the confirmation e-mail. I’ll check mine now.

Okay, there is an e-mail from BINANCE, click on it, and then follow the link to verify your e-mail address. Press the button to go to the BINANCE site. You’ll see this message: “Your account has been activated, sign in to start trading”. Press the “Sign in” button, then press this grey button. Once again, you’ll need to complete the captcha puzzle. It appears that the next page triggers warnings. Always only go to sites that have a  secure connection. However, there’s no other way. So, put checks all around. Don’t worry, there are no plug-ins used on here and nobody will call you, etc. I mean you won’t sign in via these methods anyway. That’s it, just put in the checks “I understand, continue”. And that’s it, our first step is done.

Next two-factor authorization on Binance

How register on Binance

Next, we’ll address the two-factor authorization that’s on BINANCE. It’s necessary. You can use your number, I’ll use Google-authenticator because I have already connected my number to another account. This app can be installed on Android or on some other devices. Install it, it’s called ‘Google Authentication’, just search for it in the Google Play Store. If you don’t want to use it, then you can use your phone number. I’ve chosen to use Google Authentication. Here, we are told that we can download it via Google Play or the Apple App Store. For the next step, we scan the bar-code. That’s it, it has been scanned, what do we need to do next? Before we forget, we really should write this code down somewhere. This key will be needed in case something happens with the Google authenticator. You’ll be able to recover it by this key.

The next step will require entering this key and password too. You can type the code from the app or from the phone. I’ll use an app because it’s easier. Okay, turn on the Google check-in. It’s a success.   Next, you will be able to add your phone number.

Okay, now we need to organize the API settings. But before this, we should sign up to CRYPTORG again. First, you need to get through the authentications, and then in the next video, we’ll tackle the signup process on we’ll do our CRYPTORG and we’ll configure the settings on there too.

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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