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Dear Blazers,

Kindly be informed that between February and March, all TBT holders will be able to trade TBT in their local currencies without any complicated form of KYC as we are witnessing right now. The BVN option on CoinsBit is facing setbacks due to the delayed approval from the legal department.

TBT will be listed on 2 Asian exchanges in February and April respectively to facilitate easy buying and selling for all our community members✍️ There will be no form of complications in verification/KYC.

We have gotten a message from CoinsBit that all the top 8 TBT trading competition participants will share a total of 20,000 TBT in February.

TBT Airdrop Version 1 will take place after second exchange Listing without any formal announcement. We will announce the completion of the distribution once it is 100% done. This is as a result of our meeting with top investors.

We have a lot of goodies cooking in the kitchen and once served, TBT holders and Airdrop participants will be glad for having patient. The best time to buy more is now! Most importantly, always think long term. With our plans and roadmap, TBT project will pay-off, certainly 🥳💝✅

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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