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Flash Updates 📢

1. We understand that the market is currently not favourable to TBT due to high dumping rate but our Market Making Team are cooking something to ensure a major pump season while anticipating for the release of our services which will naturally boost use cases.

2. We are currently in touch with some exchanges for more exchange Listing due to the fact the 95% of our community members are finding it difficult to use Once any deal is sealed, you will be notified ✍️

3. TBT is now available on CoinmarketCap as an “Untracked Listing” and will be fully listed once the trading volume increase with more Team Blaze Token (TBT) search volume on CoinmarketCap. Below is the link👇

Always search for Team Blaze Token (TBT) on CoinmarketCap and vote “good” to increase search volume and buy TBT on to boost trade volume. The best time to buy TBT is now (at its all time low) Upcoming events will affect the price positively.

4. Continue staking TBT on in anticipation for an appreciation in value and price. This is the best recommendation from the team.

5. Coinsbit legal team disclosed that the delay in integrating BVN option is due to the legal protocols required for its implementation. Once it is approved by the legal team, the integration will be done and it will reflect automatically on your account. Kindly deposit TBT to stake on coinsbit & buy as high as you can when the price is still very low!

6. The project is a long term project and we are working tirelessly to ensure the first milestone is reached. Stay with us, let’s win together✊♥️

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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