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Quick Announcement 📢

TBT staking service is now available on There are two available plans (monthly and annual)

TBT staking is an opportunity to earn daily reward in percentage while HODLing TBT in anticipation for a favourable market volatility. We advise all TBT HODLers to stake TBT on while we walk towards the launch of our major products & services.

To stake TBT on, kindly transfer TBT from trading wallet to main wallet then locate TBT under Coinsbit staking pool to execute the process.

Minimum amount 👉 5 TBT

Maximum amount 👉 25,000 TBT

Below is the link to the official announcement by👇

The project is barely 4 month old and we have made lot of progress. Meanwhile, we are just starting. The real deal starts upon the launch of our major services. Do not be in haste to dump TBT for peanut 🥜. Wait patiently to be among those to rejoice with the bigger bag 💰

TBT 🚀 🌕

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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