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Dear Blazers,

We are aware of the current unfavorable TBT market condition induced by dumpers.

Meanwhile, we are working tirelessly to ensure our major services get launched without delay to boost demand and naturally set the price of TBT on a trip to the moon 🌕. The team can’t do anything great without your support and hence, we solicit for your support at this point in time.

Every token/coin always has a season of its “all time low” and “all time high”. The season of “all time low” is the best time to buy while anticipating for a natural surge in price. The best time to buy is now!

Throughout the history of cryptocurrency, no token has gone up without going down, it is a norm but it is our collective responsibility to build TBT to the level we wish to see it.

We have all the resources at our disposal to ensure this and with your support, the process will be faster. Let’s purge negative vibes and be consistently concerned about sending TBT to the moon 🌕 through HODLing & optimism.

Latest Updates 📢

👉BVN option delay is caused by coinsbit management and it will be available as soon as possible

👉 We are considering a second exchange Listing. More details coming up shortly about this

👉 TBT Trading Competition will start in few hours

👉 TBT Staking service is now available on Earn reward daily by staking your TBT. The more you stake, the higher the reward.

👉 Airdrop distribution starts immediately the market is stabilized. The delay in airdrop distribution is to protect the interest of our investors and also sustain the future of TBT. Kindly understand and remain positive. TBT Airdrop Version 1.0 will be distributed.

👉 More updates coming soon regarding TBT major services launch. Stay tunded!

There is a little task coming up for us shortly, kindly do it for our collective interest.

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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