What is Uwork?

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate free registration income sites. At least at the end of the day, if I end up losing, I could say: “well, I lost no bucks.”

Uwork is a free member registration site where you perform some tasks to earn real money. These tasks involve renting out your social media handles to advertisers, who pay you to promote their products.

For one, that sounds like “social media misuse” to me. I can’t afford to spam my friends and loved ones with some ugly-looking links all in the name of making some chicken change.

Also, Uwork doesn’t sound like a great name to me. I’m very lazy, and I’m looking for where to get free money. Why slam it on my face that I have to work?

Jokes aside, Uwork pays you when you complete an advertisers’ task or get more registrations through your link.

Uwork interface design

uwork.ng interface

The Uwork.ng website has a straightforward interface, which I praise for its aesthetics.

But I’ll be honest, it has very difficult to understand user experience which I can only describe as stupid. I had to watch a YouTube video to understand how to complete a task (which I never completed anyway). Nobody ever wants to do that.

The app is even worse. It seems the website was ported to the app using a free online tool, so it looked like a replica at first glance.

However, I’d be very happy if it’s anything near a replica; in fact, just ignore the app if you want to enjoy Christmas.

Uwork Investment Plans

I said earlier that registration for Uwork is free, but I guess I wasn’t totally correct. Uwork has four plans, each with varying investment costs. They’re analyzed below.

  1. VIP0 PLAN

The VIP0 plan is the lowest Uwork plan you can get. It costs nothing to register for this plan, so I guess I’m not a liar anyway.

You get a registration bonus of $0.3 instantly when you register for this plan, but it resides in your Uwork wallet anyway. You can withdraw from your Uwork wallet when you get to a specific threshold.

You get around two cents for each individual you refer in the VIP0 plan, making it $1 for five referrals. All in all, you’re estimated to make around $35 monthly as a minimum, without any maximum limit, making it a compelling Uwork.ng plan too.

  1. VIP1 PLAN

The Uwork VIP1 plan has more compelling benefits, but requires monthly investments, with an estimated monthly revenue of about $145 each month, minimally.

  1. VIP2 PLAN

The VIP2 plan, as expected, requires a higher monthly investment that pays off, because the minimum monthly payout for VIP2 members shoots up to over $400.

  1. VIP3 PLAN

The VIP3 plan doesn’t look so interesting to me, with a minimum monthly payout of just above $500. While it might sound a little bit higher than the preceding one, it is unimpressive, as members have to make a monthly investment reaching $300.

This brings the minimum net profit of the VIP3 members to about $70 less than that of the VIP2 plan.

That was my first impression, but it seems I was wrong. VIP3 members have access to more high-paying tasks than members, which might shoot their monthly earnings far above the minimum figure, with less effort.

However, note that the concept of Uwork is still relatively new and there isn’t enough information yet to give a flawless review. Quickly point out any, if you notice a flaw.

How to earn on Uwork

It’s relatively simple to earn on Uwork if you already know your way around. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours meddling with the confusing interface without even getting a task done.

To avoid the hassle associated with completing tasks on Uwork, follow this simple guide.

Open the website at www.uwork.ng. You don’t want to use the app, or you’ll be frustrated, I promise.

  • Create an account

It’s actually surprising that at the first visit, you won’t be greeted with a page begging you to sign up. Just a list of tasks like you’re a regular member.

uwork sign up

Clicking (or tapping on) any of the tasks takes you to a signup page, anyway.

  • Select a task from the homepage

There is a long list of tasks on the homepage. Scroll through the list and find one that’s appropriate for your current plan.

Note that you won’t be allowed to complete a task marked V3 at VIP0, VIP1, or VIP2 membership level. The only plan that’s allowed to access all tasks is VIP3, obviously!

When you find a task to complete, scroll down on the task page, and tap “Receive”.

  • Copy the text content and download the attached image

After tapping receive you’re to copy both the text content and the image provided. A save button below the image will make the job easier.

  • Spam your social handles with the link

Don’t get angry with me over this, I’m just being honest. You have to spam your Facebook profile with the post and the picture.

Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the post (and ensure that you set your post visibility to Public).

  • Submit the task

This is the trickiest part. Uwork developers weren’t smart enough to understand that humans are not wizards.

The submit button is hidden away on the Tasks page. You can get to the Tasks page by tapping on the tab underneath.

Now, look at the very top right corner of the screen, and tap on the icon there. Here, you’ll see all tasks you’ve marked as Received and you’ll be able to complete them by uploading your screenshot.

submit task in Uwork.ng

Easy huh?

You are welcome.

Is Uwork Scam?

And now to what everyone wants to hear, is Uwork.ng legit, or just another cheap scheme trying to make away with users’ sweat.

To determine this, we’ll go over some of the common characteristics of similar scams and decide.

Uwork.ng Age

This is certainly much of a red flag for the poor income site. The domain name “UWORK.NG” was registered on the 25th of November 2020.

Wow, so this whole program isn’t up to a week in age —amazing.

That’s not what scared me away, just continue reading.

Uwork Founders

Let me tell you here and now, Uwork has no page or information about its founders or management whatsoever.

This quality is not only a red flag; it is a deep red flag coated in ketchup. I’ll be straight with you here; every single income program I know, without ownership or leadership has ended in tears, for obvious reasons.


While it might take a lot of patience to figure out, Uwork.ng misinforms users of their Uwork.ng website.

Navigate to the “Rankings” tab from the homepage. Discovered anything fishy?

uwork rankings

I’ll tell you what’s fishy.

Almost every name on that list isn’t a Nigerian name, but the website is using a Nigerian domain and should mostly appeal to a Nigerian audience.

Spoiler, those are randomly generated names.

To prove my point, take a look at their earnings. The top-earning user has made close to $4k in the past week alone.

If you switch to the year tab, you’ll see some even more unbelievable numbers. How someone has made close to that figure in just three weeks with a new income program is what baffles me.

So, you want to tell me that an income program that has been around for about three weeks has paid up to that amount to a single person — and I’m having trouble finding a single positive online review of them.

That’s creepy.


Uwork has garnered a whole lot of positive reviews, and a little bit of the opposite too. While I got some complaints from people who couldn’t get their pay, the positives outweighed the negatives.

Opening the app reviews on Google Play, I was greeted with the angry rant of someone who couldn’t process payment due to the inability to receive the authentication code.

But looking at the comments, and from social media testimonies, one can conclude that Uwork has no bad intentions yet.

Uwork Google Playstore review


Uwork.ng, Legit or Scam

Over time, Uwork has proven to be a legitimate program, with many users attesting to the legitimacy of the program. So, it is rated as “legit at the moment.”

However, you’re free to go up there, read and re-read the posts, sleep over it, and try to decide if it is the income program for you.

Everything boils down to the golden advice of online businesses: “only invest what you can afford to lose.”

Have you ever been scammed or paid by Uwork?

I’d love to have your inputs below.

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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