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The year 2020 has already seen many extremes, from California’s and Colorado’s wildfires to a tropical cyclone boom and other disasters before  the novel Covid-19 hit the globe and the lock down followed.

While many businesses have seen significant decline and most a total shutdown, the Cryptocurrency space has greatly seen a resurgence as financial solutions are now dependent on the unique qualities boasted by cryptocurrencies and as a result many individuals have experience a huge financial growth during this lockdown while investing on Cryptocurrencies.
With the current bull rally of Bitcoin and Altcoins,  questions like; What’s the best Cryptocurrency investment to buy in  2021? which Altcoin are hidden Gems as we dive into 2021?
What Altcoin can I invest in that is presently affordable and has high future return value? what other safe coin is out there to invest in other than Bitcoin and Ethereum? are in the lips of majority of Crypto Enthusiasts.
In this short article, I want to bring to light an Altcoin that has done crazily well in its few weeks of launch and has an amazing future prospect. Today I will shed light on TBT token (Team Blaze Token), which after much investigation have picked as the best Cryptocurrency after BTC to invest in as the year comes to and end and as we match into 2021.
Launched October 2020, TBT is a digital asset built to erase the burden of shopping. A decentralized solution to curb payment issues globally. An introduction to shopping on countless shops outlets with 0% stress and 100% reliability.
Team Blaze which is a group of global independent partners in the crypto space, with an unending drive to make life easier and enjoyable for all humans, developed a solution which brought about the eruption of TBT.  Providing a possibility for the world populace to create and modify their own world to suit their dynamic needs.
With a Payment Gateway that guarantees 100% reliability, almost 0% transaction fee and favourable market volatility to both merchants and buyers.
TBT will boast its very own Blockchain unique to it token and for seemless transactions with its upcoming marketplace, which promises to be one of the biggest online marketplace where buyers can shop different products swiftly with their TBT coins online and offline.
A TBT wallet with several unique features, the most interesting being the fraud prevention system, making it absolutely impossible to lose digital assets stored in the TBT wallet.  An instant notifier that speedily notifies you of any malware or suspicious keylogger app, this is next level computing.
Presently TBT can be acquired from a top European exchange coinsbit.io, or by swapping your TRX to TBT on their official website tbtcoin.net.
Currently valued at $2 and with a strong strategy in place to push for the $50 in 2021.
You can reach the team via [email protected] for further enquiries

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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