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Trading has just been opened on https://t.co/GTRYMjYkSw💥

You can start placing orders


If you funded your wallet with either ETH, LTC or TRX, kindly trade it for either BTC or USDT in order to buy #TBT https://t.co/MrNzi5qa0t

Dear Blazers,

Today is the D-day! Our digital asset (TBT) will appear in the crypto market today for the first time. We know you are excited about the new development but we are more concerned about the future developments😊

We are more concerned about the value of TBT in the next 5 years hence the reason why we are so anxious regarding the release of the major services we intend to render to people, globally.

Upon the release of TBT payment gateway & other services, many great partnerships will be sealed and that will project TBT beyond the moon 🌕 We seek your support throughout the stages of this project and together, we shall win✊

Feel free to trade even if your account is yet to be verified. All pending account will be verified. To quicken the process of verification especially for Africans, we have suggested the use of BVN to coinsbit.io management.

In a matter of days, many members will be able to verify their coinsbit.io account using Bank Verification Number (BVN) The most simplest form of verification.

Don’t forget we are giving our $500 worth of TBT to 5 blazers on 30th December, click on the link below to see how to participate 👇👇


#TBT #TeamBlaze #Coinsbit #exchange

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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