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Dear Blazers,

We have gotten a good number of mails from members complaining of being defrauded while trying to buy TBT from unknown people & black market sellers. Kindly desist from buying TBT from unknown people to avoid being scammed.

You can get TBT from at the current market price even without verification. TBT/BTC trade pair is currently inactive; you can always use TBT/USDT trade pair while the TBT/BTC is being worked on. Buy from the exchange instead of being defrauded by unknown people that offer to sell cheaper.

Upcoming Events 👇👇

✅TBT Staking
✅TBT Trading Competition
✅More Exchange Listing

Stay tuned and be optimistic. The project is barely 3 month old; we will create an avenue for massive adoption with the aid of consistent marketing and the subsequent release of our major services. TBT 🚀 🌕

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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