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TBT Latest Updates📢🔊:

What You Should Know?

1. The Airdrop distribution process was paused to create an avenue for favourable Market volatility for both investors and traders. Many investors invested thousands of $$ in TBT project hence the reason why we have to collectively try everything humanly possible to protect their interest.

The current dumping rate is about 28%, if Airdrop distribution is completed without some of our events (staking, trading competition, market making) and our services launched, the level of dumping could ruin the whole project.

We had a meeting with top investors and we have decided to pause airdrop distribution process until our new events take place including the launch of our mobile app which has several anti-dumping features.

Your airdrop reward is safe and will be sent to you at the appropriate time, it is better to receive Airdrop reward when TBT is trading at a significant price than to receive when the price is at a ridiculous rate; everything we are doing is to sustain the future of TBT including our entire community.

2. BVN (Bank Verification Number) option for verification will be available on in few days and you will be able to verify your account within 5 minutes using BVN. Don’t worry about your unverified account status; it will be verified as soon as possible using either the current method or the upcoming BVN option.

3. If you don’t have much TBT, the best time to buy is now; the price impact during the launch of our events and services could be extremely high. Buy! Buy!! Buy!!! In every new project, there are always dumpers and they always go home with peanuts while the investors take the bigger bag. Be an investor and not a dumper✊♥️

More updates coming up shortly. Stay tuned and glued to our social media platforms to avoid missing out. Most importantly, be optimistic! Together, we shall sponsor TBT to the 🚀 moon 🌕

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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