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I have received several messages from different people seeking to know what WhatsApp TV is all about and how to make money from it, so I deemed it necessary to drop a simple write up about WhatsApp TV. This article contains everything you need to know about WhatsApp TV. 

Before we move into the full details of what WhatsApp TV is all about, let’s quickly explain WhatsApp itself.  

     What Is WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is simply a social media platform which people or organizations use to communicate (Send messages, files, contacts, documents, voice notes and other supported media) with friends, family and business partners globally.
WhatsApp is used by over 1billion users all-round the globe.

I’m very sure you already have the app on your phone but even if you don’t, you probably must have heard about WhatsApp. 

For the purpose of this article, we would emphasize on the business aspect of WhatsApp. Research has shown that WhatsApp has made a very good number of people millionaires without much stress. Those who are aware of how powerful WhatsApp is in terms of business, have been making a  lot of money from WhatsApp on daily basis. 

There are countless ways to make money on WhatsApp but the truth is that; you might not succeed in any of these ways if you have few audience (that’s few WhatsApp contacts). What determines your success in any form of WhatsApp marketing is your audience and that is why it is very necessary to build and continue building contact list on WhatsApp.

The more your WhatsApp contacts, the more the potential customers you might have. This is one of the reasons why you need to continue striving to get more WhatsApp contacts and to get more people to save your own WhatsApp contact as well. 

So, let’s go to the main topic of discussion. 

  What Is WhatsApp TV (or WhatsApp Television)?

WhatsApp TV is not a platform on its own neither is it an app on its own. WhatsApp TV is simply a branded account created on the WhatsApp platform by WhatsApp users.

Let’s take for example, when you create your WhatsApp account, instead of using it just to chat with friends and family, you can decide to use it to entertain your contacts through constant status update or any other means. So, the WhatsApp account used mostly for entertainment is called WhatsApp TV. You got it now, right?

The WhatsApp TV (television) was made possible by the new status upload feature embedded by Mark Zukerberg on the platform.

How Does WhatsApp TV Work?

It works by using the status feature to upload funny memes, short funny video clips, funny jokes on a daily basis on your status to enable your contacts to have what they watch to keep them entertained anytime they get to view your status. 

Setting up WhatsApp TV is not what matters most, the most important thing is building large audience (that’s getting many WhatsApp contacts). Having a WhatsApp TV with few contacts is just like having an empty church building without members. So the major target is to build a list of thousands of WhatsApp contacts. 

The higher your contacts, the higher your viewers and the higher your chances of making more money on WhatsApp. 

How To Make Money With WhatsApp TV? 

Just the same way we have numerous ways to make money on WhatsApp, that’s the same way we have countless ways to make money using WhatsApp TV.  

Your WhatsApp account or WhatsApp TV is just like your website, you can monetise it. Either by using it to promote/advertise your products/services or by advertising for people at a particular rate. If you have a large audience, many people would love to advertise on your WhatsApp account or WhatsApp TV rather, and you can’t do that for FREE! They must pay you for the service.

You can join reliable affiliate marketing programs and promote it on your WhatsApp TV or account to make money everyday. The list on how to monetise your WhatsApp TV is endless. 

How To Set Up WhatsApp TV? 

Setting up a WhatsApp TV is as simple as ABCD. The best app for setting up WhatsApp TV is the  WhatsApp business app. Using ordinary WhatsApp to set up WhatsApp TV is just like travelling from Nigeria to U.S.A using bicycle πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ It would be difficult you know. 

WhatsApp business app is the best for setting up WhatsApp TV because it has many amazing features that will make everything easier and faster for you. Features like; 

1. Creating a business profile with helpful information for your customers, like your address, business description, email address, and website. 

2. Quick Replies: This lets you save and reuse messages you frequently send so you can easily answer common questions in no time.

3. Automated Messages: You can set up an away responses which could be sent to customers even when you are offline. You can also create a greeting message to introduce your customers to your business. And many other features which you can’t find on ordinary WhatsApp Messenger.

To download WhatsApp Business app, go-to play store and type “WhatsApp Business” in the search box, then proceed to search and install the app. 

WhatsApp Business app

Accept the terms & Agreement, then create a Business Account (your WhatsApp TV) using your business phone number. Your WhatsApp Business phone number represents your WhatsApp TV contact.  You can choose any befitting name of your choice for your WhatsApp TV and set up everything. 

The last thing we shall be discussing is: 

How To Build Large Audience/Many Contacts For Your WhatsApp TV? 

This has been the challenge most people encounter whilst trying to run WhatsApp TV. How to get more contacts, where to get more contacts and how to convince people to save your own business contact. 

Since there are over a billion people using WhatsApp and over 50 million Nigerians have WhatsApp app on their various phones, getting thousands of WhatsApp contacts is possible but might not be easy. 

To build a long list of WhatsApp contacts, you need to continue promoting your WhatsApp TV link on different platforms consistently and tirelessly. 

The best platforms to promote your WhatsApp TV link are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, Nigerian Forums like nairaland and many other social media sites.

You can join Facebook entertainment groups with millions of Nigerians and indirectly share your WhatsApp TV link by attaching a funny meme. 

Some Facebook group admins might not approve your post if you try to promote your WhatsApp TV link, the best strategy is to post funny meme, you can edit the post after approval by attaching your WhatsApp TV link. 

Check the screenshot below to understand πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Make money with WhatsApp TV

You can also join Facebook business groups to advertise your WhatsApp TV link as well. Using your Facebook timeline won’t be a bad idea as well. 

Take advantage of the entertainment section of Nigerian Forums like nairaland, jackobiam and school forums to strategically advertise your WhatsApp TV link. 

You can also beg your contacts to help you share your WhatsApp TV link amongst their friends. It is a gradual process, you need to continue building tirelessly and you would definitely smile at last.

Always advise your contacts to save your WhatsApp TV phone number in order for them to view your WhatsApp status updates. People who you didn’t save their contacts can’t view your WhatsApp status and people who didn’t save yours can’t view your status as well. So endeavour to save new contacts and tell your new contacts to do the same. 

On my next article, I will explain more about building large WhatsApp audience and share more tips on how to get thousands of Nigerians to save your WhatsApp contact. 

You can drop your view about this article in the comment box below. You can also ask questions and get instant answers using the comment box. 


By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media marketing, Blogger.

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Very much awaiting the next post on this…the one is very good..thanks

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Ocheme Emmanuel
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So after advertising on your WhatsApp TV how will you now make your money?

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Mbanefo Ndubisi
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How can I upload sponsored contents on WhatsApp

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How can I upload sponsored contents on WhatsApp

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kingsley ogugu
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Ifenna igboabuchi
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This is very good to make money …thanks for this opportunity

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