Two Fundamental Ways To Make Money On Earth

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By Egu Chris

Two ways To Make Money
“How To Make Money?” is not just one of the most searched keywords on Google but factually one of the most asked questions on Earth. After series of experiences, I arrived at a conclusion that there are only two fundamental ways to make money on Earth. 
You are already curious, right? Let me quickly satisfy your curiosity by shortening this piece. 
The truth is that people who are not aware of these two  fundamental ways to make money on Earth find it very difficult to harness their God-given potentials.  
Let’s not prolong this. Below are the only two major ways to make money on Earth: 


The phenomenon called money erupted due to the existence of value. So, money is what you get in place of a value. The higher the value you create, the higher the money you make. If you wish to be wealthy, you must adopt the   habit of creating endless value. Very simple!
                     What Is Value?
Different persons have different definitions for “value”. But etymologically, value means the importance of something or the monetary worth of something. It won’t be erroneous if we say “value is money” or “value is wealth”. Wealth is all about adding value for yourself and others. 
          How Can I Create This Value? 
👉Learn And Learn More
Learning is the first phase of creating value. When you write a book that’s worth paying for, automatically you’ve created a value. But the question is; Can you write a book without learning how to author a book?
Some persons produce shoes and other products (values) that could be sold in order to generate income. But the question is; Can you produce those shoes without learning the skills involved? Can you assemble the parts of a vehicle without learning how to do so? 
In order to EARN, you must LEARN. Learn new skills. Learn new methods. Learn and continue learning. 
👉Be Humble
Arrogant people find it difficult to learn.  They see themselves above the scale of learning. If you wish to create value, you must be humble enough to learn. Bow down and learn from someone who knows how to do it better than you. Even if your tutor is younger than you, bow and learn. It is for your own good. 
👉Be Creative & Innovative
You may not be able to create anything valuable in life if you don’t possess the zeal for  creativity & innovation. How can you create a  value when you spend so much time stealing people’s works, ideas, articles and concepts without giving credit to the original owners? 
Have you ever thought of exploiting the potency of creativity? You need to have a burning desire for something in order to achieve it. Desire it first, then work towards accomplishing it. You can do it! 
Each day, take it as a responsibility that you must create a value. Give birth to new ideas and work on them. Everyone, including you can do it! 

👉Be Persistent & Focused 
If you are a good student of history, you’ll agree with me that all stories of success are also stories of great failures and persistence. 
Let me share a familiar story with us. 
One day a partially deaf four years old kid came home with a note in his pocket from his teacher, “Your Tommy is too stupid to learn, get him out of the school.” His mother read the note and answered, “My Tommy is not stupid to learn, I will teach him myself.”
And that Tommy grew up to be the great Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison had only three months of formal schooling and he was partially deaf. You can Google about the achievements of Thomas Edison. 
In the process of creating values in order to earn & become successful, people will reject you but don’t feel dejected. Distraction will come in different dimensions but remain focused. You’ll encounter failure but keep trying. Be persistent and remain focused. You can do it! 
👉Be Patient
Success is not something that happens overnight. Creating Value takes time and lots of effort. While battling to create a value, patience is required. You may end up losing everything if you are not patient enough. 
👉Put More Efforts
If you wish to make X-million naira, you ought create an X-million naira value. The higher the value you create, the higher the money you earn. So to create a higher value, you need to add more effort. You need to double your hustle. 
👉Be Strategic
Your strategy matters a lot in every venture. The same business  that led some persons into the pit of fiasco, is the same business that induced others to become successful. This is sometimes as a result of the variation in the strategies employed by different persons. 
So to create value, you need to sought for the right strategy and adopt it. Be positively strategic in all your dealings.  
👉Be Selfless
Wealth is not the measure of the amount of money you have in your bank account. It’s the measure of how helpful you are to humanity. You must be selfless in order to create an outstanding value. Selfish people often fail simply because selfish idea can never prevail. 
Your idea mustn’t help only you. It should partially be for the benefit of humanity. 
We have Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Dangote, Microsoft, Innoson Motors amongst others today because of selflessness. Think of how to contribute positively to the welfare of humanity and before you know it, inspiration will surface. Even God values selflessness. If you can’t help the whole world, start with the people around you.  
👉Be Prayerful
This point is strictly for those who believe in the existence of God. When I say be prayerful, I don’t mean you should make prayer your work, I mean you should seek the assistance of God in all your dealings. Pray for your work to prosper. 
Tell God to favour the work of your hands. Prayer works for me because I have a work. You don’t pray for God to bless the work of your hands when you are too lazy to get a work. The Holy Bible stated clearly that faith without work is dead. Biko get a legitimate work and fall in love with it. 
No need to prolong this first 
fundamental way to earn money on Earth. The bottom line is that to create value(s) in order to earn money, you must be willing to learn, you must be zealously creative, and most importantly, you must epitomise selflessness. 
✅Thus, Chris’ theory of wealth creation states that: For a value to be created, one’s willingness to learn must be directly proportional to his/her active  zeal for creativity, provided that  selflessness, patience and persistence remain constant.😍😍😍
The truth is that everyone can’t create value at once. The fact that  others are currently creating values that have high monetary worth doesn’t mean you should jump into creating yours. There is always time for everything under the sun. Wealth creation is not something we should rush. It takes a gradual process. 
When your time to create values of high monetary worth ripens, you’ll definitely create something perfect and adorable. 
But while moving towards the creation of a potent value, are you expected to stay without making money? Mbanu! You and I are both aware of the fact that we can’t survive on this deteriorating planet without any legitimate source of income. 
        So what is the alternative? 
The alternative to direct value creation is indirect value creation. What is indirect value creation? 
It is merely buying and selling of value(s). Since you are not fully prepared to create a value, why not opt for buying values at cheaper rates then sell them at higher rates? If you can not write a book at the moment, you can  buy a valuable and potent book at a very cheap rate and sell it to make some bucks. Not only books, other competitive and attractive commodities could be also be traded. 
If you can’t render a worthy service in order to earn money, why not hire someone who can do it and earn your own commission? 
Learning is also very important in this regard. 
You need to learn some major trading factors in order to succeed in the realm of trading. You can’t buy a very poor quality product and expect to sell it at a very high rate. 
The existence of the word “value” gives birth to products and services. 
The quality of a product or service determines its worth. The rate of demand of a product or service affects its cost too. The location is also a determining factor. You can’t succeed by selling female pads in a locality dominated by men. 
Some persons who buy and sell value(s) make money more than some persons who create values. It all boils down to the strategies employed. 
There are numerous millionaires and billionaires who had never created a value directly but rose through strategic trading of values created by other persons. 
It is practically unwise to hold yourself to ransom all in the name of creating values. Some of the processes involved in the creation of value require the expenditure of value too. So why not use option B if you are not yet prepared for option A? 
The two fundamental ways to make money on Earth is a vast topic that could consume centuries before half of its disintegration. Nobody on Earth including Egu Chris can say everything regarding the two fundamental ways to make money on Earth.
Permit me to summarize this piece by stating that both the two ways to make money on Earth require intense learning, determination, patience, selflessness, smart-work and creativity. You just need to do the right thing at the right time.


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