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Today, we shall discuss the reasons why people fail the blogging course. Every problem in life has its source. The eruption of every problem faced in life is induced by something, known as its source. This indisputable assertion is applicable to all spheres of life, including blogging.

Are you a blogger who have been blogging for sometimes now without any positive  result? Do you wish to know the sources of your blogging fiasco and how to resolve these problems? If yes, I would advise you have a seat and digest this article without succumbing to any distraction whatsoever!

Do you have interest in joining blogosphere, then I must confess you have arrived at the right place and at the right time. Keep calm and read on.

The truth is that there are millions of blogs on internet.
And one funny thing about this statistic is the fact that 91% of these millions of blogs are either sick or dead due to improper handling.
Many bloggers had fell into the pit of frustration and depression all in the name of blogging. Countless persons who joined blogosphere with strong inspiration had given up too. Currently, some bloggers are also warming up to quit blogging due to some reasons.
But do you know that at the midst of the above misfortunes encountered at cause of blogging, some people are still making millions of dollars through blogging? Despite all the challenges involved in blogging, many real bloggers are still making it bigger than you can ever imagine.
That is just the simple truth. And do you know why these set of people tend to be successful in their various fields of blogging? It is obviously because they are doing the right thing in the right way and at the right time. As a blogger, If you are still battling in the pit of fiasco and depression, that means something is wrong somewhere. And as a matter of urgency you need to fix the problem.
The truth is that nothing good comes easy. You can never achieve anything great in life without facing difficulties. Aside blogging, generally, if you venture into anything with the wrong mindset you would definitely give up along the line.
One of the factors that contributes enormously to blogger’s failure is venturing into blogging with the wrong mindset. Some folks joined blogosphere naively with the mindset of making millions within their first year of blogging. This mindset often leads to disappointment and later metamorphoses to frustration.
In this piece, i would figure out some reasons why many bloggers give up along the way. Why many bloggers had failed in the past and why some are still failing till date. Why some bloggers have either abandoned their blogs or even sold them. Below are some of the reasons:
1. Lack Of Goals.
Most people who had quit blogging, jumped into blogging as a result of inspiration from top successful bloggers, without knowing how essential goal having could be. Without any goal as a blogger, you’d end up in the state of pandemonium. No goal, no direction and a directionless person can never get to a any reasonable height in life. This is applicable to blogging.
2. Time Mismanagement.
Time is one of the eminent resources required for efficient blogging.
Anomalous use of time affects many bloggers. Some bloggers prefer wasting time on worthless things than their blogs, forgetting the fact that time is the most vital resource in blogosphere. This stylish act leads to failure.
3. Impatience.
Bloggers with the wrong mindsets often think blogging is a business that turns one into a multi-millionaire within months. These set of bloggers jumped into blogging with the hope of getting quick results and when the much expected results fails to come, the next option is to quit.
When their expectation becomes falsified, they would get disappointed. Blogging is not a “get rich quick” business but unfortunately newbies in their unending dreams sees it as ponzi scheme.

4. Greediness And Ignorance.

Greediness would never allow some people to learn more about blogging. Some folks would just jump into blogging with the aim of making money even when they don’t have much knowledge about blogging.
 All they want is just to make money, ignoring the principle of learn to earn. This set of persons invest nothing or low resources to gain knowledge but expects high in a short period of time.
Making money the superior over knowledge leads to ridiculous failure and this is why bloggers see themselves in the pit of depression induced by greediness and ignorance.
5. Plagiarism.
Originality is a priority in all ventures. But most bloggers prefers faking everything. It is impossible to succeed in blogosphere if you don’t recognize the efficiency of creativity.
Most self-acclaimed bloggers finds it difficult to create post on their own, they prefer copying people’s post and this leads to failure. Imagine a situation where over 70% posts on your blog are not yours. Some even copy blog’s description and information about their blogs from other people’s site. Stealing articles had led to the extinction of many organisms in blogosphere. Growth in negativity contributes massively to failure. Success doesn’t come through stealing.
6. Inability To Compose Articles.
What to write and how to write are both challenging issues many bloggers face in blogosphere.
These two challenges had chased countless people out of the blogging world. Some bloggers lacks good writing skills. Instead of learning good writing skills, they’d rather opt to quit.
7. Lack Of Promotion.
Without traffic, your blog would become as worthless as you can ever imagine. It is important to create posts, but it is also more important to promote your blog through publicity.
Most people had quit blogging due to low or no traffic.
Getting low traffic induced by lack of promotion makes most bloggers feel blogging is not worth their time and efforts.
8. Insufficient Resources.
Lack of resources, such as time, money, power, internet devices and other things leads to breakdown along the line. Bloggers who resides in places where there is challenge of power often give up due to frustration induced by numerous traumatic experiences. Imagine a situation where there is no money to renew domain and hosting subscription.
The expiry date of hosting and domain often give some people sleepless night. People who don’t have sufficient fund to renew yearly subscription on their blog are left with no option than to quit.
Lack or inadequacy of resources required for blogging contributes vastly to blog’s inefficiency.
The above reasons are just Few among the reasons why many people had quit blogging. To balance the article, it is very necessary to illuminate some of the factors that can boost one’s blogging life.

Blogging is a very lucrative business that is capable of accelerating one’s financial status but venturing into blogging with the wrong mindset can make you poorer than you can ever imagine.

But the goodnews is that there is always a solution to every problem, click on the link below to discover to become successful in blogosphere

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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