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Below are some of the things that can keep you going extraordinarily in blogosphere:
1. Goal Setting.
Setting targets for accomplishment helps a lot. To succeed as a blogger, it is very crucial to set your goals. Your goals would give you direction and motivate you to work more proficiently.
 If you take the time to write down your goals, you will be more prepared and organised to succeed in your blogging career. Prioritizing your goals also encourages forward planning and a focus on thinking ahead in your work. With this focus will also come less stress as you are better prepared and clear on what work you need to complete and by when.


2. Focus On The Niche You Are Good At.
Before venturing into blogging, you need to understand the fact that blogging is more profitable when you blog passionately and proficiently. It is erroneous to blog about technology when you don’t know much about it.
 Choosing a niche you are good at would bring out the best in you. It would help you to build followers. Blogging about what you are ignorant of would make you look like an accountant who works as a medical doctor in an hospital.


3. Constant Promotion.

Even local sellers in mini markets do publicize their commodities. Visitors won’t visit your blog site unless they get to know about you blog. Hence the reason why publicity is indispensable. To increase your traffic and build followers, it is very necessary to promote your blog using social media platforms.

 Join populous Facebook groups with at least 100,000 members and publicize your blog. You can as well join Other fam is another wonderful internet community where you can also get desired result at cheaper rate.
4. Understanding Blogging As A Long Term Project.
The moment you understand that blogging is a long term project, you would focus on building your blog than expecting to become a millionaire within months. Monetizing your blog doesn’t mean you would become millionaire within months.
 You have to continue investing your time and effort continuously until your blog start yielding huge amount of money. The way farm crops needs maintenance and nutrient to grow is the same way your blog need adequate resources to grow. Invest on your blog in the right way and you would never regret you did.


5. Write Quality Posts.
Nobody would willingly waste his/her time and data just to visit a blog filled with junks. You need to post quality and attractive posts that would satisfy your readers. Publishing quality write ups consistently would attract more and more visitors daily. Focus on creating better contents than more contents.
 The higher your visitors, the healthier your blog becomes. Hire a good writer if you can’t write much. Learn good writing skills and read books about becoming a good writer. All these are helpful in blogosphere.
6. Engage With Top Successful Bloggers.
Have it in mind that those top successful bloggers you see today were once newbies and they all faced challenges in blogosphere before becoming successful.
They have a lot to teach beginners like you. You just have to be humble to hustle. Seek the guidance of top bloggers and learn from them.
You have to engage pro bloggers. There are some who are making money from blogging but are still not pro bloggers, if you follow their example of blogging, you will fail woefully. That is just the simple truth.


Permit me to summarize this piece by saying it is more profitable to blog passionately and proficiently than focusing on the financial benefit of blogging. Choose a niche you are good at and work persistently toward achieving your GOALS. You can do it!

By Ogunbamike Praise

Social media influencer, media Marketer, Blogger.

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